Sunday, 19 October 2014


Our second week in Cancun came around unbelievably quick (and was over just as soon) 
After having a fun, action packed first week, we decided to chill out a bit more during the second week. Although we still had plenty of energy left for some local sight seeing. Being in Mexico, it felt only right that we paid a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world, Chichen-Itza. I'd say it was worth seeing, however, it is a very long walk around with the tour guide, and incredibly hot. I'm happy to say I saw it, and took in a bit of Mayan history, but I wouldn't be rushing back there if I were to go Mexico again. On the way back from the Mayan ruins, the tour guide took us to a local Cenote, a giant sink hole filled with water, it was gorgeous, but we decided to not take our cameras with us so we have no photos (something we all regret deeply)

During the second week, we also decided it was time to catch up on some partying in Cancun town, so signed up for a bar crawl night with Thomas Cook, that ended in Coco Bongo. If you're gonna go out only once in Cancun, it will be to Coco Bongo. It's a nightclub and show all rolled into one, it's absolutely crazy in there. Well worth it though. 

During our second week, we also took a little boat ride on a catamaran over to Isla Murjeres again. It wasn't something we planned, and we got talked into doing by one of the staff at the hotel, but it was one of the most enjoyable days. Not only did we get to relax on a catamaran over the Caribbean, on the journey to the island, we snorkelled with the fish for a while. Then once we arrived at the island, we had an hour to explore by ourselves. So, we rented a gold buggy and drove around the coast of the island. After having a little bit of lunch on the beach, we headed back to our hotel and managed to get back into our room before a storm hit us. 

Cancun was everything I expected and more. I did once in a lifetime activities, and made plenty of friends on the way. I've had such an amazing holiday this year, I can't even think about what next years holiday will be, and can't imagine how it could possibly top it. 

Chanel x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


So, I got home from the holiday of a life time about a week ago exactly now, and looking back at all these pictures just makes me miss it more than ever. This is just a little photo diary I put together from our first week, and a second week version will follow. I visited Cancun, Mexico for two weeks with two of my best friends, the three amigos indeed. The whole trip was jam packed with fun, activities and plenty of experiences that I will never forget. We stayed at the Temptation Spa Resort, right on the corner from the main strip of Cancun, which was perfect since the water there is a lot more calm than it is around the corner, perfect for taking a little, relaxing dip in the Caribbean ocean. We had read reviews on Trip advisor before we left, and we were a little anxious about staying there due to the adult nature of the hotel, and a couple of "swinger" rumours knocking around. However, we arrived and it was everything we had hoped for and more. The staff were friendly, the fellow holiday-makers were friendly and the place was gorgeous. 

Within the first week we had explored all the hotel had to offer (five restaurants, three pools and a plenty of water sports on the beach) We did zip lining, cave swimming and buggy driving in the jungle at Xplor, We swam with the dolphins at Wet n Wild (Which I wouldn't recommend, they completely rip you off with photo prices and we've found out afterwards that you get a much better deal over at Dolphin Discovery over at Isla Mujeres) and my absolute highlight of the holiday, swimming with whale sharks in the middle of the ocean!! I do have a few photo's from that day, but since I didn't take them, I didn't feel comfortable putting them on here, but take my word for it, it was incredible. After we took a dive with the sharks, our tour took us to the little island opposite Cancun (Isla Mujeres) and we ate nachos in the sea. The first week went unbelievably fast, and we were into our second week before we had a chance to take everything in...

 Chanel x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#nextLFWmodel Competition Entry

Celebrating London Fashion Week this week, high street giant, Next, are currently running their own competition for bloggers within their blogger network. The challenge? Put together a next outfit for your favourite model! pretty simple, and the prize? A city break to the capital and £200 to spend on next clothes. Why wouldn't you want to enter? If you're not apart of their network yet, it's pretty simple to get registered, and you have until 29th September to submit.

This is my entry, obviously I chose my absolute style icon of the moment, Suki Waterhouse, whose style is very vintage inspired, whilst also staying esquisitly trendy. The dress has a bit of a mod look to it with the shape, sleeveless-ness, and the roll neck makes it feel very 60s. I teamed it with this snake skin satchel. Satchels in general are such a go-to when trying to style a vintage-inspired look. I chose the flat shoes, as Suki often plays down a lot of her more day-to-day outfits, so I imagined these would fit her personal style to a T, and of course, the coat. The camel colour matches so well with everything, and over sized coats are very in right now, being a Burberry fave, Suki is no stranger to a coat.

(i must admit, this outfit is pretty similar to that I would spend my £200 on should I ever dream of winning this fab competition)

If you do decide to enter this competition, be sure to share your entries in the comments below, I'd love to see everyones. Good luck everyone!

Chanel x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Fluffy Jumper (river island - similar)
metallic skirt ( H&M )
Headband (Asos)
Vans (Schuh)

As the summer is coming to an end, we are being slapped in the face with cold winds harder and harder every day. However, I can't seem to part with the ways of summer fashion, including bare legs, no matter how pasty they may be (actually, at the time of this posting I'll be sunning them up on Cancun beach but..) What better way to come to terms with winter, than easing into knitwear. I do adore most quintessentially wintery things, not least big, fluffy jumpers. This is something I've had since last winter, and it will definitely be making a regular appearance in my 14/15 winter wardrobe, such a great buy!
I also picked up this metallic skirt last month in h&m, it's great for jazzing up casual outfits, which is ideal for me, since I've become pretty lazy lately, all I want to do is dress casually. 

How are you coming to terms with the colder weather here in the UK? 


Saturday, 30 August 2014


Ben De Lisi x Ryvita special editon tin*

Food related posts aren't my usual forte, but when I was contacted by Ryvita to take part in their upcoming relaunch, I couldn't possibly say no. I am such a huge fan of Ryvita, they've been my go to snack for years now, and with more and more products coming out by the brand, they're more versatile than ever.

I have been lucky enough to be sent this special edition tin to keep my Ryvita's in, designed by world famous designer, Ben De Lisi. The tin it's self is so colourful and bright, it stands out as a statement piece in any kitchen, plus it keeps your Ryvita tasting fresh. I absolutely adore the design on the tin, so abstract and colourful. If you fancy a tin for yourself, you can pick one up for £7.49 at from September. 

Along with the tin, I was kindly sent a packet of Pumkin seed & oats and Fruit crunch crispbread. I am all over the Fruit Crunch with Nutella and Raspberries all over them, I've demolished the whole pack sent to me (whoops) and will definitely be rushing out to pick up more to pop in my tin. 

What are you thoughts on the new tin? Do you have any favourite recipes to go with Ryvita? let me know in the comments :)

Chanel x

Monday, 25 August 2014


I know our summer is on it way out (at a very high speed also) but I'm going on my summer holidays this week, and I'd thought I'd compile a few of my essential items I take away with me.

I always, ALWAYS take more clothes than I need, and double the amount of swimwear I could possibly wear in a fortnight. Most of my bikinis are from Topshop (because they're always so adorable, and always fit perfectly) but I have accumulated a couple from H&M, Urban Outfitters and even TU @ Sainsburys. 

As an absolute photo freak, I couldn't decide whether to go with just my phone camera, take my Canon 700D or just my instax mini. I've actually packed all of those, plus three disposables. This has a lot to do with me thinking on Annie Leibovitz when I'm travelling, but mainly because I'm so bloody indecisive.

Sliders are absolutely my footwear of choice this summer, so easy and comfy. I think I have about five pairs, plus plenty of sandals for the nighttime. 

My hair suffers from dryness at home, so it's essential I take the most nourishing shampoos and conditioners I can get my hands on. I've never tried Argan Oil shampoo before, but the name says it all. The Mark Hill Holiday Hair collection did me well last summer, so I've stocked up on that also.

Whilst we're on the subject of the head, headbands are an absolutely necessity to me. my scalp burns so easily, but with hats being a little awkward to pack, bigger headbands with a large width are so ideal.

Of course, if you're could only take one item away with you, it should always be suncream. I found some really good deals on suncreams this year, both at Lloyds pharmacies and superdrug. So i'm all stocked up on skin care for the big ol' mexican sun. 

What are your holiday essentials that you absolutely must take with you? Let me know in the comments :)

Chanel x

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Kimono (topshop)
Cropped Shirt (Missguided)
Trousers (ASOS)
Fluffy Bag (River Island)
Shoes (topshop)
Hat (River Island/asos - similar, kind of (not really))

So very sorry about being back to taking my outfit posts inside, this is due to a mix of bad weather and my go-to photographer is on holiday and it's waaaay easier to do it myself inside (even if the quality of these images are well, crap)  I've spoilt myself last payday, and as a holiday to mexico is fast approaching, it's something I'm almost regretting, however, look how great all these things look!! 
I've wanted a feather bag for so so long, and everytime (EV.ER.Y.TIME) I see one I like, I never have the money to buy and then it's sold out by the time I have. So, I indulged on this coral babe. It looks very perfect, but it's even smaller than it looks :(
I've been wearing this kimono loads lately, probably because it's so versatile, but mostly because I feel like an Olsen twin wearing it. I've had to talk myself out of taking it on holiday with me, sob. 
I also nabbed this hat in the Asos sale for £13, It fits my childishly small head just fine, it truly is the hat of dreams.

Chanel x