Monday, 28 July 2014


Playsuit (Primark)
Sandals (Primark)
Sunglasses (New Look)
Necklace*  (Black Tied Jewellery)
Anklet  (old)

In my almost 4 week absense from blogging, I've been enjoying the sun, holiday clothes shopping, but mostly working my arse off for spending money for said holiday. I found this gorgeous playsuit in Primark in Coventry, just a few weeks back. It's so silky soft and feels really light. It's the perfect thing to wear of a night on holiday. It has long, wide sleeves, so it feels really Stevie Nicks/Agnetha Faltskog, what I like to call "Faux vintage". The necklace was sent to me by Lilly at Shopcade for Black Tied, a jewellery company based in Ireland, all their items are really cool and unique (if gem stones are your thing, then I'd definitely check them out) I hadn't heard of them beforehand, but since receiving this cute gold necklace, I've added a couple of items from their websites to my wish list. 

Have you found any perfect finds lately? let me know in the comments.

    Chanel x

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Friday, 27 June 2014


Glitter gel liner - Collection 2000 £2.99 each
Pots of Glitter - Topshop £4 each
Gem/bindi stickers - magical minerals on Ebay £2.50 per sheet.

Keeping up appearances is one of the most challenging things about going to festivals. You're camping, you haven't showered, you smell, you're probably covered in mud and sweat and feel disgusting. Having said that, almost every girl at a festival, still makes a top effort to look good, and manages to pull off the festival babe look with no problems. My secret to this, glitter and gems (an absolute necessity in my back pack)
As I've said in part one, festivals are an excuse to be more adventurous with your look, there aren't any rules to how much glitter you use, where you put it or how ever many gems your want to stick on your face and/or body. What matters is that you have fun with it, and it makes you feel better about the whole not showering for 3+ days.

Do you have any tips or tricks for using glitter or gems? Are there any other beauty items you take to festivals but don't usually wear? let me know in the comments :)

Chanel x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


(Cami - Topshop. Skirt - Topshop. Shoes - New Look. Necklace - Dixi)

You can rely on the summer season for one thing, and it's definitely not the sun. However, you always know that the high street is going to be packed with folk-friendly, boho-babe inspired fashion. How gorgeous is this skirt from Topshop? I went for the petite version, because at 5"1, I am very much petite. However, I do find this skirt to be a little too short, but by the time I came to order it online, it had sold out in the regular size. The cami top is also from Topshop, I was completely sold by the pom poms around the hem, it's a nice little top to jazz up a simple pair of jeans on a sunny day also. I'll definitely be packing this outfit to Glastonbury with me.

Chanel x

Monday, 23 June 2014


About two weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive an invite to ASOS' Epic Summer party by Access all Asos. After mulling over the idea of going alone for a few days, I decided to take the plunge, put on my big girl boots and head down to London all by myself.  Being my first ever "blogger" event of any kind, I was a little (very) nervous about how it would go, especially since I knew absolutely no-one. Luckily, Patricia got in touch with me via twitter earlier in the day and we decided to meet up before hand so we didn't go alone. It didn't take long for us to find it, and before we knew it we had got chatting with three other girls who had also come solo. 

The event itself was based around all things summer. As we walked in we were greeted with glasses of pimms and lemonade, which were sitting right beside a hot dog stand. Brothers cider were also in attendance, they had a nice little bar full of their wide range of flavoured cider (cloudy lemon, my fave) Next to the cider bar, sat an ice cream stand, with six different flavours of ice cream. As we first arrived, we headed straight for the flower appreciation society stand, and had gorgeous flower crowns made from fresh flowers for us. Shortly after we waited in line to have our nails painted by Reecey Roos, I opted for a bright pink, with a white rose detail, so perfect for summer but they've sadly already chipped. 

After spending a good two hours or so sipping drinks, eating ice cream and making friends, we decided to head home. ASOS not only treated us to a fun evening, we were given goodie bags on our way out, which included some fake bake, a twiststick by lord and berry and a bottle of Eva NYC shampoo (which I haven't tried yet, but it smells delicious) Thank you very much ASOS.

Chanel x

Friday, 13 June 2014


(Kimono - BooHoo. Bikini Top - Topshop. Shorts - ASOS. Sliders - Primark. Hat - ASOS. Necklace - Dixi)

The second instalment in my festival special. It's another outfit post, and once again, i've gone for the kimono. I do usually wear these shorts with a black or purple cami top, but due to this gorgeous heat wave we've been having, I picked a bikini top and paired it with a kimono (Perfect for any holidays also) 
How adorable are these shorts?! Another impulse buy, but I really could not say no. They're so lightweight too, such a lovely material for this weather. I'm all over this elephant print trend that seems to be happening right now! 
It's not just the elephant bandwagon I've jumped on, also the ugly sandal craze. But I can't bear to pay so much money for Birkenstocks, so I went along to everyones bargain high street shop, primark, and picked these babies up for just £4. So worth it (I am definitely making a trip back there before my holidays in august to pick up more colours)

Chanel x

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


(Kimono- ASOS, Dress - H&M, Sandals - New Look, Midi Rings - Topshop)

My favourite time of year begins in just a couple of weeks, Festival season! I know the whole festival fashion thing is massively over done, but it's my most favourite style and I spend months in the winter, wishing I could get away with just throwing a kimono on and unleashing my pasty legs upon the world, so for the rest of the month, and probably well into July, my posts are going to be very festival-ly. 

As the weather has been relatively warm lately, I'm using it as an excuse to try out some outfits I could pack with me to my beloved fields. 
Ok, I'm a little optimistic with the sandals, and I don't think they'll be squeezing into my backpack in two weeks time, but look how lovely these are. I picked them up from New Look last week, and they're perfect for almost any outfit. Shout out to New Look for being so on point with their footwear this season. 
I bought this kimono at the end of last summer in the ASOS sale, so I doubt they're still online anywhere, but I feel like Kimono's are such a staple in the summer, but are mostly quite pricey. So my tip for any other hippy wanna-bes like me, if you see any colourful kimonos in this years sales, get it. Don't even think about it, buy that Kimono. You can thank me next summer for that advice.

Festivals are a place where I feel like you can really experiment with your style, and be a lot more outlandish than you might at home. So, I'll be packing loads of bright colours, along with copious amount of glitter with me. 

What are you festival staples? and what are you planning on taking with you this summer? let me know in comments :)

Chanel x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


A couple of sunday's ago, me and two of my friends finally took a trip to the Warner Bro's Studio tour - the making of Harry Potter. I've been absolutely dying to go since it opened, being a MASSIVE Harry Potter for years, it was a huge deal. I can't describe the visit as anything but magical. I won't spoil it for those who haven't been yet, but I definitely recommend it if you're a big fan of all things Hogwarts. 

We were there for around 3 and a half hours, we didn't feel rushed at all, and the only things we had to wait for were the souvenir pictures on the broom and for butter beer outside. We were really lucky with the weather, so we sat outside for a good 45 minutes just enjoying the sun. I took full advantage of walking across the famous Hogwarts bridge outside (as you can see in my photo, I don't know why I wasn't cast in the film, I really don't) I found the butterbeer delicious, but I had to help my friend finish hers, so it isn't to everyone's taste as it's really sweet.

This post was more a photo heavy post, and not much I type does the actual tour much justice. The only thing is, it is a little pricey I find, however it's such a unique attraction and really worth it if you're into the films (and equally the books, of course) Just, take lots of money if you're planning on going, the gift shop afterwards is ridiculous, they have everything. I came home with a deathly hallows keyring and a pygmy puff. 

Have you visited the Harry Potter tour yet? What did you think? let me know in comments.

Chanel x