Wednesday, 9 April 2014


(hat - asos. cami - topshop. lace shorts - topshop. jacket - river island. boots - missguided. necklace - river island)

If I had either a magic lamp that contained a genie to grant my wildest wishes, or even just a spare couple of grand, I would be in California this weekend (or even next, I'm not picky) to attend Coachella music festival. But since I don't have either of those things, I've had to make do with channelling my inner festi-queen spirit through my clothes and make do with spotify to fulfil my musical needs. 

This is definitely something I would take with me to a festival this summer, although I'll probably have to trade these boots for a pair of wellies instead. The shorts were something I found last summer in Topshop, and haven't even worn since! (no judgement here please, we ALLLL do this) 
I picked up the necklace yesterday, it was a bit of an impulse buy, but thought it would jazz up some of my day-time, summer outfits - and who can say no to daisies, really?

I definitely think I'll be doing a festival special on this blog - outfits, essentials, ect. But I'll wait until June time (just before I head off to Glastonbury) so watch this space...

Which festivals (if any) are you attending this year? or which would be your dream to go to? let me know in comments :)


Thursday, 3 April 2014


(Dress - Primark, Cardigan - River Island(Stole from my mom's wardrobe), Shoes - Missguided, Bracelet - Thomas Sabo)

I'm supposed to be saving all my hard earned pennies for my trip to Mexico this summer, but when I visited Selfridges in the week, I couldn't help but stop by the little Primark section. I found this lovely little gem, a gingham, shift dress, absolutely perfect. It screams 1960s, and I feel like a little doll wearing it. The best part, is that it was only £10! It rides up a little when wearing it, so I had to keep pulling it down, but it's nothing I can't live with for that price. I paired it with my fave colour ever, pastel pink. 
I'm forever stealing this fluffy, pink cardigan from my mom's wardrobe, in fact I think I talked her into buying it, only because I could steal it occasionally. I don't really wear cardigans much anymore, I think they've been massively over shadowed by jumpers and boyfriend jackets/coats, but, since the weather is getting warmer I thought this was more suitable than a large coat.
I definitely feel like a 1960s Cher Horowitz in this, and like every other girl on the planet, I'm so into Clueless inspired fashion lately (Ugh, AS IF)

(As soon as the weather get's warmer, I'll be taking more outfit posts outside, because it's a little dull just seeing them in my dining room against a blank wall)

- Also, I've set up a depop account, I'll be adding some stuff to it in the next few days if you want to check it out. My user is Chanel_WNDRLND.

-Secondly, the voting for round to of #blog4trek is still going on, make sure you quickly "Like" my photo and give me a chance to get to Cali! 

So fancy.

Chanel x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


(Top - Just for 5 pounds*. Skirt - Primark. Shoes - BANK. Bag - River Island)

Before I start, let me just start off by asking for a small favour. You may remember my "Packing for a weekend away" post, well, it was for a competition called BLOG4TREK (ran by Well, I made it to the top 10, and now I need YOUR help, by clicking here and liking my entry. Just by liking you're also being entered into a prize draw and could even win a little prize yourself, so please, it will take two seconds of your time!

We all know money can be a little tight sometimes, but if you are a self-proclaimed shopaholic like I am, it's hard to give up buying clothes. However, finding great items to update your wardrobe isn't as hard as it may seem. Last week I was contacted by Stephanie at, everything they sell is, just for £5! They sent me this lovely over sized, check print shirt, and I would happily pay £5 for it! The material is only thin, but it has a nice silk texture to it, so it looks fancier than the price tag. I wore it the day after I recieved it with skinny jeans also, and it goes just as well with a more casual look. The size they sent me 4 sizes bigger than what I usually go for, so it is massive on me, but tucked into this faux leather skirt, you can't really tell. Lily Melrose  featured this skirt about a week or so ago, and knew I had to find it. It's pastel so I'm automatically in love with it. It's slightly longer than I would've liked, but for £10, I can't complain. I found the shoes in the sale section of bank for a tenner! They have a tiny heel, so they're perfect for any days out!

Are there any bargains you've found lately? what your go-to shop when your bank account isn't as full as you'd like?

Chanel x

Thursday, 20 March 2014


A MAC lipstick is like a beauty-obsessed girls rite of passage, I'm a firm believer that everyone should own one. Yes, they are pricey, but there's something special about owning one, and whipping out a fancy, black bullet when you're out. I only bought my first lipstick from MAC last year (Saigon Summer) and have only just indulged in my second. 

Snapdragon is from MAC's latest collection, fantasy of flowers. The whole collection is full of perfect shades for the spring/summer seasons, have a look for yourself. This particular lipstick is an almost purple shade, but with a touch of pink blended in. I've worn in a few times already, and it's not too obnoxious (I find a lot of their colours a bit too over the top myself) Both ideal for night or day. It's a "Lustre" lipstick, so it holds some texture, but doesn't dry your lips out as much as matte style lipsticks do. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this purchase. I'd say if you're looking for something with a bit of colour, but nothing that will drain you out toooo much, this could be worth looking into!

What do think about this colour? have you been looking into purchasing any new lipsticks lately?

first, I apologise for the quality of these photographs, the weathers horrendous and I can't seem to get decent lighting (also my camera is on it's last legs so that doesn't help!)
Second, I have been lucky enough to have been selected in the final 10 for the #blog4trek competition by TrekAmerica for this post! I'm very excited and nervous about the next round but wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


(top - ASOS, Treggings - TOPSHOP, Shoes - Vivienne Westwood, Bag - ASOS, Hat + sunglasses- TOPSHOP)

We haven't seen it in a while in the UK, and some of you may have forgotten what it looks like, but finally, the sun is showing it's glorious face here! I celebrated by wearing all black and covering my face as much as possible.  You can tell I've forgotten what it's like having some sun, as these photo's are so over exposed. Despite technical issues, I was still very happy to be able to leave the house without having to wear a coat! You really forget how much the weather brightens up your mood. Oh, and as you can see, I may have drastically changed my hair colour. It's only a semi-permanent stargazer dye, and will be gone within a week or two, but even just a small change has freshened me up!

How is the weather treating you? and what do you think about the pink hair?! 
let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


It's December, I'm walking around hundreds of shops, in hopes of finding glorious gifts for my nearest and dearest. I happen to have strolled into Boots (also known as one of the deadliest places for my bank account, you go in for some hairspray but you come out with £50 worth of stuff you never even knew you needed) As I'm waiting to pay for my 3 for 2 items, I spy a nifty little can on the promotions shelf without a price tag (surely it's CAN'T be that expensive?) ha, I've never been more wrong. This tiny bottle will set you back a hefty £15! As it went through the till, I put on a brave face, but didn't dare to mention this was a little more pricey than expected so I will no longer be taking it home with me, oh no,  I wrapped it for my younger sister as a little Christmas gift, knowing she would adore to have pink in her hair without being shouted at by her school for having it in the day after.

Almost 3 months after I had given it to my sister, I found it unused in her room, and since I was feeling very pastel on this particular day, I decided to give it a go. I am lover of coloured hair, especially pink. I had used other spray in hair colours before, but they just made my hair go very straw like (and it does that quite enough by itself) This, however, doesn't make me look like a scarecrow, and after you've brushed it out, it does look as though it could have been dyed. I enjoyed being partially pink for the day, because this also does wash out well, and there is absolutely no sign of it after you've had a shower. 
That price tag though, the can is really small, and even though there is plenty left inside, I just couldn't justify spending so much on such a small item. Quite a nice investment if you've got a special occasion (i.e fancy dress party) and just want a quick wash out job!

Have you tried these spray chalks? would you consider buying it?
I have been having thoughts lately on actually dying parts of my hair pink (again) what do you think ?

Friday, 7 March 2014


Bag (ASOS), Instax Mini & film, iPhone, Maybelline BabyLips, Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser, Coin purse.
Floral Kimono (ASOS) White Daisy Top (Topshop) Denim Shorts (Topshop) Black Vans
Dress (Miss Selfridge) Clutch Bag (New Look) Chunky Heels (Topshop)
Floppy Hat (Topshop) Sunflower Skater Dress (Forever 21) Vans
Gold Jumpsuit (Topshop) Clutch Bag (New Look) Chunky Heels (Topshop)
V05 gimmie volume, Budget Miracle Oil, OPI which is witch?, MAC Mascara, MAC eyeliner gel & brush, Pixi Brightening peach, Topshop Glow, Topshop Matte Nail polish in light brizzle, Topshop lipstick in Inhibition, NO7 Instant radiance foundation, Maybelline dream sun bronzer, GHD Straighteners.

In an alternate universe, I’d be jetting of to glamorous Las Vegas today for the weekend. However, we’re not in a parallel world, and I’ll find myself sat behind a till tomorrow, but, for the sake of this post, lets just all pretend!
Trek America are currently holding a contest for the next big blogger, and the winner gets the chance to see the west coast of the U S A! All you have to do is create a blog post about what you would pack for a weekend away. So, since the prize of this is their Westerner 2, I decided to base this around one city in particular (which just happens to be part of the trek you win!)
I have already been lucky enough to gamble in Vegas, so I have a pretty decent idea on what I would take if I ever visited again.

A must, the strip is sooooo long, and I enjoy walking around, exploring when I’m in new places, so my pair of trusty vans are a must for day times (probably night times past 4am also)

Well, this hasn’t actually proved to be lucky in anyway so far, but it’s pretty and multi-seasonal so again, we’ll just pretend and go with the gambling theme here.

To capture all your memories, I’ve chosen to take my instax mini, because it’s both cute and very small.

So I can make sure I can instagram and check in on Facebook along the way (what’s the point in leaving the house at all if you can’t make you old school friends and colleagues envious?)

Plenty of money, mainly for all the alcoholic slushes you buy walking around.

Things I haven’t included in the pictures but are a MUST:
Passport/ID (duh)
Suncream (you are technically in the middle of a desert)
Underwear (imagine forgetting those!)
Socks (..I am always forgetting these)

So, I guess I’m packed, all I need now is a flight and somewhere to stay, or a place on the Westerner 2!